Custom Campus Map

User Experience Design

Students rely on maps to get around a new campus, but Georgia Southern’s made it difficult to tell where you were in relation to nearby buildings and wasn’t mobile-friendly (it was a giant PDF).

The Process

I worked with a student developer to create a custom, interactive map, that still used Google Maps as the base layer, but gave us the ability to remove unwanted or inaccurate information from our map. I gathered feedback from users to develop specs, worked with campus officials to get building coordinates and other data (AED locations, street addresses) and provided user experience and creative direction on the project, ensuring the map provided functionality our users asked for (and few extras): walking and driving directions, detailed parking lot information, dining options and bus/shuttle routes.

The Outcome

The redesigned campus map was a big hit with students and employees alike. The digital map also eliminated the need for several areas to provide printed maps to assist visitors in navigating the campus.

Screenshot of final map

Screenshot of the map's label details
Screenshot of the map's parking detail view

Visit the live map >