Customer Portal Redesign

User Research / User Interface (UI) Design

The university’s portal, MyGeorgiaSouthern, is a critical web application used daily by all members of the organization to access email, register for classes, check grades, pay tuition bills, complete online coursework, buy a parking permit, etc., but the interface was cluttered and new users in particular had a hard time discovering content. A small project team was tasked with redesigning the portal.

Screenshot of the portal before the redesign project

The Process

I served as the UX designer on the project and conducted usability testing, analyzed Google Analytics data, created prototypes and provided information architecture and front-end development expertise.

Early prototype

In initial prototypes, I prioritized content deemed most important by users and stakeholders (e.g., Courses) and began grouping related content together (e.g., Academic Resources, Bills & Payments). Priority content was determined by user surveys and interviews, website analytics and internal stakeholders.

After running usability tests on a few prototypes, it was clear that we were on the right track. The design evolved during development, but I produced design comps with notes to communicate branding / style guidelines and revisions to the developers.

Final design concept with specifications for developers.

The Outcome

Redesigned portal interface at launch