Scaling UX and product design teams

Photo of Rebekah Hickey - UX Designer

As an experienced UX Manager, I specialize in leading teams of talented product designers, researchers, and UX writers to craft exceptional digital experiences for enterprises and small businesses.

I take pride in guiding cross-functional teams through the entire product development lifecycle. From conducting user research to crafting intuitive interfaces, I ensure that every step is aligned with both business goals and user needs.

I have successfully led and executed UX projects for,, and among others. Most recently I was a senior product design manager at Guild, leading a team of product designers and UX writers in designing software to enable large employers to offer educational benefits to their employees.

My work experience

UX Manager, ConvertKit (2023–Present)
Email marketing platform for creatives and small business. I lead the product design team.

Sr. Product Design Manager, Guild (2022–2023)
Tuition assistance benefits for Fortune 100 companies.
I led the product design team responsible for B2B products and tooling.

Sr. UX Manager, Lowe’s (2018–2021)
Ecommerce, and
I led the UX teams responsible for B2C and B2B  sign up, sign in, and account experiences.

Web Team Manager, Georgia Southern University (2015–2018)
I designed and built the CMS used for 300+ marketing websites and led the enterprise web and applications teams.

What coworkers say about me

Stephanie Feinberg
Product Designer, Guild
“As a product design manager, Rebekah brought a level of expertise and compassion that is hard to find. Under her management, I was promoted. That was in big part due to her guidance in understanding what skills I needed to move upward. Her knowledge of best design practices for admin products was invaluable. Above all, Rebekah’s calm and direct demeanor helped me find direction in my career. ”

Erin Rhodes
Sr. Product Designer, Guild
“Rebekah was one of the best managers I have had the opportunity to work with. Rebekah regularly provided thoughtful, valuable feedback and constantly supported our design team when working with our product team counterparts. I have always struggled with personal design growth goal setting and Rebekah helped me find ways to track goals in ways that were extremely successful. “

Brian Anthony
Sr. UX Writer, Guild
“From my perspective as the content guy on our design team, Rebekah was a full-spectrum manager, collaborator and supporter. She’s got the people management skills to deliver on results while making her reports feel motivated and valued.. “

Director of Product Management, Lowe’s
“I would like to take a moment to thank the UX team we have currently under the leadership of Rebekah. We are very appreciative for the amazing work done by the UX team. The UX team have been true partners and have supported us in every pivot we have taken and accommodated our requests irrespective of the insane timelines. The professionalism and the endless hours that the team have spent is beyond impressive.”

Director of Engineering, Lowe’s
“Just wanted to let you know that Rebekah is doing a great job for the team. She is managing such a complex migration seamlessly and on top of all the details. Couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this journey.”

Product Manager, Lowe’s
“Rebekah has outperformed every expectation we have had from a UX lead. The team would not want it any other way. We just love working with her.”