Reducing account complexity for a B2B ecommerce site

Role: Sr. UX Manager

How we designed a B2B experience on Lowes.com and dealt with the complexity of account management for users with both B2B and B2C accounts. 

Optimizing an ecommerce website for conversions

Role: Lead UX Designer

How we migrated 1000+ articles to a new CMS, designed a bespoke component library, and increased conversions for non-product content by 230%.


Developing a career framework for the product design team

Role: Sr. Product Design Manager

How we designed a career ladder to support career development and performance coaching for the product design team at Guild. 

VA.gov & Healthcare.gov (via Ad Hoc)

Improving IA for developer documentation

Role: Sr. UX Designer & Researcher

How I used the top task method to improve the information architecture of developer docs for the VA.gov platform and decrease support requests. 

Designing multi-factor authentication for 16M users

Role: Sr. UX Designer & Researcher

How we designed the multi-factor authentication experience for Healthcare.gov. 

Georgia Southern University

Optimizing websites for accessibility & lead generation

Role: Web Team Manager

How I designed and built a website platform for publishing usable, accessible, and search engine optimized content for a university’s marketing and 300+ departmental websites.